95% Success in 1 Dose

It's true. A single dose of Injectable Radioiodine I-131 effectively treats 95-99% of Feline Hyperthyroidism without adverse side effects.

1 Dose

One Dose is usually all it will take for your cat to be cured of feline hyperthyroidism. Injected radioiodine (I-131) has a 95% success rate, and is the safest and most effective treatment method available for treating feline hyperthyroidism.  

2 Floors

Our cat condos offer our patients a safe, comfortable environment during their treatment. Designed with your cat in mind, our cat condos have 2 floors, and include separate living room, dining room, and bathroom spaces.

Our calming environment allows cats to peacefully relax during their stay at the Feline Radiotherapy Treatment Center, and includes calming music, interesting nature themed video and audio programming on our high-definition television to engage the cats. Webcams allow opportunities for pet parents to see how well their cat is doing!

3 Days

Our Feline Radiotherapy Treatment Center is approved to let your cat go home in as little as three days. This means your cat can be released after a short stay, allowing them to relax at their own home. 

The Suite Life!

Our cage-free cat condos allow cats to spend their time relaxing in a comfortable environment, without feeling like they're "in jail". 


Room to Relax

I-131 Condo Pic 2.jpg

Cats will enjoy their time at the Feline Radiotherapy Treatment Center. With a large, multilevel living room, your cat will have plenty of space to stretch out and sleep, or jump up and watch the TV. We have created our treatment center to be as relaxing as possible, including our selection of peaceful nature videos to keep them entertained. 


Rooms to Explore

Your cat probably doesn't sleep in their litter box at home, so we believe its stay at the Feline Radiotherapy Treatment Center should be no different. With separate dedicated living room, dining room, and bathroom spaces in their condo, your cat will be able to enjoy their time without feeling like they are in a cage.


Webcams to Watch!

Cat owners love that they can watch their cats while the cats are in the I-131 treatment program. As one of only a few radiotherapy centers in the country with kitty cameras, we are so proud of our relaxing environment that we want to share your cat's experience with you while they are in treatment with us.